Der Kleine Rabe Socke

Brand Owner: Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag GmbH

Target Group for Licensing Children 3-8 years, parents and educators

Territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Licensing Categories: Textiles & Accessoires, Personal Care, Home & Living, Food, Toys & Games, Stationary, Multimedia

Existing Partners: AMIGO Spiele, Boxine, dh Konzept GmbH, Fashy, Fritz Fries & Söhne, Gorfion, Heunec, Hörbuch Hamburg / Universal Music, IHR Home Range, License Factory, McDonalds, AG, TigerLilly, United Labels, Vertical Services,

Marketing Support: 3 animated movies (Third movie: 12th December 2019)
Many promotional activities in 2019
TV series with 52 episodes
Website for the TV series
Extensive Styleguide
Walking Act

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Der Kleine Rabe Socke is the “rascal” among the picture-book figures: He makes and says and thinks and asks everything that children like to do, say, think and ask. He is cheeky, but never evil. Hi is loud, but can also be quiet. He often does something wrong, but sometimes everything he is doing is right. He is an open-minded, honest, lovable character and the best friend for kids.

The character first appeared in a picture book in 1996. Since then the success has continued unbroken and Der Kleine Rabe Socke has already been one of the modern picture book classics with more than 7 million produced and sold books in 31 languages.

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