Trimmy is Germany’s biggest sports fan and has been synonymous with sports and exercise for over 47 years. Trimmy demonstrates good behavior and embodies values. As symbol of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), Trimmy stands for a wide range of themes related to exercise and sports.

As figurehead of the Trimm-Dich (Get Fit) movement in Germany, Trimmy was launched in 1970 and enjoys great popularity among young and old alike.

Campaigns, pictures, ad spots, posters, beer mats and other products made Trimmy a household name with high recognition value.

Trimmy conveys enthusiasm and joy in movement. Physical activity of every kind is good and that message puts health and competitive performance on equal footing.

Deutsche Sport Marketing GmbH, exclusive marketer of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB)

Licensing Target Group
Focus on children and adolescents, but also adults


License Categories
Sporting goods, toys, stationery, publications, food, home & living

Website, social media channels, press releases


Trimmy’s brand values are friendship, fair play, measuring oneself, being able to win and lose