Eduard Haas III invented PEZ candy in 1927. The idea was to offer smokers a healthy alternative to cigarettes  the first PEZ dispensers were even shaped like a lighter! Only, they were filled with peppermint candies Haas created from pressed sugar and peppermint oil.

That’s where the brand got its name: P-E-Z are the first, middle, and last letters of the German word “PfeffErminZ”.

Whether among collectors and VIPs or in art, fashion, and cinema, PEZ has become a cult brand in virtually every sphere of social life.

The unmistakable shape and color of the iconic design maintains high recognition value. PEZ generates great emotional attachment in adults, evoking positive associations from childhood.

PEZ brand awareness is over 90% worldwide.


Licensing Target Groups
Children, teenagers, young adults, and fashionable trendsetters

GAS, worldwide

License Categories
Fashion, Home & Living, Stationery, Toys, Selected Food & Beverages

Current License Partners

  • CTP Germany GmbH: Softdrinks
  • Dieter Grams: Tin signs
  • DMK Deutsches Milchkontor: Icecream
  • Fashion UK: Fashion & Accessories
  • Fire Design: Fire extinguisher

Marketing support, media events, social media activities, new trendy style guide


PEZ brand awareness is over 90 % worldwide.