ADAC is a strong brand with clear positioning, credible and tangible values, and a high brand awareness and acceptance. The brand has high recognition value and significant relevance, not only for the more than 21 million ADAC members, but especially for non-members. ADAC owes its brand strength to its excellent reputation and its distinctive core competence in the field of breakdown and emergency assistance.

Our comprehensive license portfolio aims to raise the everyday relevance of the ADAC brand to a new level, to make it more immediate to members and potential members alike. We develop new ADAC product worlds centered on mobility, travel, and leisure to make ADAC a tangible experience and strengthen the ADAC brand.

ADAC e. V.

Licensing Target Groups
Consumers (ADAC members and non-members), families, people with common interests: e.g. automobile, motorsports, camping, caravanning, motorcycles, mountain bikes, hiking, classic cars, sports boating, air rescue, helicopters, etc.


License Categories
Mobility, travel and leisure, and other brand-related sectors, as well as fan products in the fields of motorsports, classic cars, air rescue and sports boating

Current License Partners

  • b2l: Travel and camping articles
  • Brüder Mannesmann: Tools
  • DICKIE Toys: Toys
  • Edel Kids: Audio Books
  • Herpa Miniaturmodelle: Model vehicles
  • Kaufmann Neuheiten: Car accessories
  • Sieper mit SIKU und WIKING: Car models
  • Sigel: Second-hand car contract
  • Helmut Lingen Verlag: Publishing
  • Revell: Model kits
  • NZG Nürnberger Zinkdruckguss-Modelle: die-cast models
  • Dr. Hoseit-Unternehmensgruppe: Lost luggage finder

Online, social media channels, ADAC publications (respecting editorial freedom of individual publishers), events (safety, motorsports, etc.), newsletters, press portals, license partner workshops


ADAC is synonymous with safety, mobility, quality, reliability, competence, sound advice, understanding, protection, community, and care