Welcome to The Brand Residence
The Home of Brand Extension & Licensing

Evolving Brands

Assisting companies in realising
the power of their brand story

Creating Authentic Products

Using the brand story to create a genuine
connection with an audience


Ensuring all parties involved believe in the
brand story for a long-lasting collaboration

The Brand Residence is a full-service licensing
and brand agency that works on corporate brands,
lifestyle brands and entertainment brands
on a national and international basis.

With many years of experience and a comprehensive business network, we design,
develop and implement promising licensing strategies.

We support brand owners and licensees with individual strategies at all stages
of the marketing chain.

As the gatekeeper between the licensed product and the consumer,
retailers are the strongest and most important links in the marketing chain.
Therefore, retail and retailers play a very important role in all of our activities.

Our team consists specialists, they all work in a most ambitious and efficient way and best of all,
and they have real fun doing their job – which is the key to utmost success!


Our Brands



Van Gogh Museum

Team Deutschland



Jim Knopf und die Wilde 13

Laura Stern

Hui Buh und das Hexenschloss

Petronella Apfelmus

Der Kleine Rabe Socke

Our Capabilities

Brand Representation

Working with our clients we observe retail trends and consumer demands to establish a grounded understanding on which to build the perfect strategy to unlock a brand’s equity

Manufacturer Representation

We partner our manufacturing clients with the right brands to create new, innovative products that have unrivalled standout in the marketplace

Icon Representation

Legendary icons engage consumers on an emotional level. We bring a caring and thoughtful approach to stewardship and the definition of a high-performance business management strategy

Retailer Partnerships

Retail needs to now how a brand will add value to their internal strategy; a brand must find the right partner to take it to market. We work to ensure that the needs of both parties are met

Consumer Research

A solid understanding of the target consumer is vital to the development of a strategy led brand extension plan. We collaborate with our clients to better understand the buying behaviour of their customers.

Creative Services

Effective creative is vital to a successful brand extension. Our dedicated team covers graphic design, illustration, photography and video, web development and social media; a wide-range of skillsets to ensure the best chance of marketplace success

Legal & Finance

Our legal templates our maximised for our clients’ benefit and protection and continuously update to reflect the latest laws and industry trends. Using solid internal processes we ensure that proper financial reporting protocols are followed throughout the life of the licensing program

Approvals Management

Ensuring quality of manufacture and appropriate use of brand marks and other aesthetic choices. We assist clients in ensure that all submissions and approvals are received/ given in a timely and effective manner.

Royalty Auditing

The licensor and licensee relationship is a delicate organism. We implement an auditing strategy that employs pre-fieldwork, fieldwork, review of findings, settlement strategy and negotiation to ensure licensee royalty compliance

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