Almost every toddler has held this cute giraffe in their hands. It is an absolute tradition, a legend.

As a welcome greeting or talisman at birth, Sophie la girafe is an indispensable part of the first months of infants’ lives.

Over the past 50 years, Sophie la girafe has become an icon, timeless, reliable, and loved by parents and babies alike.

More than 50 million babies have learned to love Sophie la girafe since her invention and no other baby toy has become so indispensable a companion as she is today. She is valued by parents all over Europe and enjoys their fullest confidence.

As an Associated Partner of MDR Brandmanagement, TBR The Brand Residence is responsible for the licensing of Sophie la girafe in German-speaking countries. The brand can be licensed in a wide variety of product categories.


Licensing Target Groups
Newborns, parents, and grandparents


License Categories
Textiles & Accessories, Home & Living, Toys & Games, Stationery

Current License Partners

  • Püttmann: Toddler clothes

Sophie la girafe is natural, timeless, gender neutral and reassuring.