In-depth knowledge of brand essence, brand positioning, and content is crucial for the professional and successful marketing of brands. These elements form the foundation of a coherent and effective brand strategy.

As the market continues to expand, an increasing number of companies are seeking to capitalize on the growing marketing opportunities. However, the business is complex and often requires explanation, as repeatedly demonstrated. For brands in the entertainment industry, such as film productions, TV series, book or toy series, TBR The Brand Residence has developed the perfect workshop variants that offer licensors or production companies numerous opportunities and benefits. Our workshops provide exactly that – tailored strategies for coherent and effective marketing.

 Brand Essence Workshops

Discover the unique values of your brand and develop a clear identity that stands out.
Our workshops help you create an solid brand mission and vision, estab­lish­ing a consis­tent foun­dation for all brand activities.

Positioning Workshops

Define your unique market position and understand the needs of your target audiences.
Our positioning workshops enable you to develop a compelling and relevant message, creating a strong emotional connection with your audience.

Content Workshop

Create a long-term content strategy that represents your brand across various media and platforms, reflecting and reinforcing your brand image and core messages. Our content workshops help you identify the best formats and channels, develop a production plan, and create distribution strategies.


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