Nearly 25 years after the release of „Der Schuh des Manitu“ – one of the most successful German films of all time – Michael Bully Herbig and Constantin Film have announced the much-anticipated sequel. The cinema release date for “Das Kanu des Manitu” is 14 August 2025.

Michael Bully Herbig, who took the director’s chair and led the production of the first installment, will once again helm the project. Following sketches from the comedy show „bullyparade”, Bully directed the film „Der Schuh des Manitu” in 2001, a parody of the Winnetou films from the 1960s.

The film became one of the most successful German films, drawing almost 12 million cinema-goers. The tongue-in-cheek homage to Winnetou & Co. captivated audiences with its witty dialogues, perfectly timed slapstick, and an outstanding cast.

Filming for „Das Kanu des Manitu” is set to commence later this year, based on a screenplay by Michael Bully Herbig, Christian Tramitz, and Rick Kavanian. The comedic trio behind „bullyparade” is gearing up to deliver another entertaining adventure, promising fans a delightful continuation of the beloved Manitu saga.


Licensing Target Groups

  • Fans of the first film
  • New generation who find Bully iconic


License Categories
Textiles & Accessories, Home & Living, Toys & Games, Stationery


The licensed products will not only be aimed at the loyal fans of the first film, but also at new generations of viewers who simply find Bully iconic. In addition to the food & beverage and apparel segments, the focus will be on the toy segment.