Brand Owner: ADAC e.V.

Target group for Licensing: Consumers (ADAC members and non-members), families, persons with common interests (personas): e.g. automobile, motor sports, camping, caravanning, motorcycling, mountain biking, hiking, vintage cars, sports shipping, air rescue, helicopters, etc.

Territory: Germany

Licensing Categories: Products and services for the sectors mobility, travel and leisure; also fan products for ADAC Motorsport and ADAC Klassik (classic cars)

Marketing: Online, social media channels, ADAC publications (taking into account the editorial freedom of different publishers), events (security, motor sports, etc.)

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The ADAC e.V., based in Munich, is Europe’s largest mobility club with more than 21 million members. The core of its member services are breakdown and accident assistance. In 2019, ADAC road patrol drivers and the club’s mobility partners were on duty more than 3.7 million times in Germany. As a recognized and independent consumer protection organization, the club tests mobility products and services. Via the online portal, members receive help, advice and services around the clock on the topics of cars, mobility and travel & leisure

The ADAC is a very strong brand with a clear positioning, credible and solid values as well as a high level of awareness and acceptance. The brand has a very good name recognition and significant relevance, not only for ADAC members, but also for non-members. The strength of the brand is based on its excellent reputation and its distinctive core competence in the field of breakdown and emergency assistance.

In the area of licensing, the focus will be on products and services in the fields of mobility, travel and leisure. In addition, fan products on the areas of ADAC Motorsport (e.g. GT Masters) and ADAC Klassik (classic cars) are planned.

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