Petronella Apfelmus
(TV Series)

Series Info: 2D animation with 39 episodes à 11 minutes

Broadcaster: The series will be aired at Kika and later at ZDF

Target Group for Licensing: Families, core target audience 4-8 year-olds

Territory: Europe

Licensing Categories: Textiles & Accessories, Personal Care, Home & Living, Food, Toys & Games, Stationary, Multimedia

Release: The premiere at Kika planned for 2020/2021.

Distributor: Universum Film, world sales by Global Screen

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The garden of apple witch Petronella is a place of wonders for twins Lea and Luis. Shrunk to miniature size, they fly loops on stag beetle Lucius, help the wacky Apple Stick Men with their myriad of not-quite functional buildings – and, of course, they have to help solve the chaos caused by Petronella’s magical spells. It’s a charming world filled with funny and strange creatures where adventure is lurking behind every apple bud and no day is like any other.

Based on the best-selling book series by Sabine Städing (text) and SaBine Büchner (illustrations).

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