Brand Owner: Deutsche Sport Marketing GmbH

Target Group for Licensing Focus on kids and teens, but also adults

Territory: World wide

Licensing Categories: Selected Sporting Goods, Toys & Games, Publishing & Stationary, Food, Home & Living

Existing Partners: Adidas, Vitamalz (Krombacher), Zirkeltraining

Marketing Support: Website, Social Media channels, press releases; many different poses of the character; individual design possible

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As a mascot of the DOSB, Trimmy stands for sports, exercise and all related topics.

In addition, he credibly transports the messages of the DOSB: performance, communication of values, health and, above all, fun and joie de vivre.

Trimmy stands for the values of sport such as friendship, fair play, competition, fair winning and losing. Trimmy gives enthusiasm and joy in exercising.

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