International Title: Laura Stern

Movie Info: Live Action and 3D Animation

Producers: Westside Filmproduktion, Rothkirch Cartoon-Film and Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany in co-production with Animationsfabrik.

Director: Joya Thome

Cast: Emilia Kowalski, Michel Koch, Jonas May, Luise Heyer, Ludwig Trepte and many more

Target Group for Licensing: Families, core target audience kids from 6 year

Territory: GAS

Licensing Categories: Textiles & Accessories, Personal Care, Home & Living, Food, Toys & Games, Stationary, Multimedia

Release: Movie Release planned for December 23rd 2020.

Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures

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“Laura Stern” has been teaching families important values such as friendship, family, courage and adventure for over 20 years. Laura Stern is a very valuable character who accompanies the development of the children. She is loved by children and appreciated by parents.

The animation series and the 3 movies are aired regularly on a wide variety of channels: Free TV, Pay TV (Sky), Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Maxdome). Laura Stern’s Youtube channel has over 50,000 subscribers.

“Laura Stern” is an established license theme with a brand awareness of 88% and enjoys a constantly growing popularity.

Movie Synopsis:

Laura misses her old home very much after moving to the big city. One evening, when she watches a small star falling from the sky and finds it with a broken spike, she comforts it and carefully patches it up with a plaster.

Together she and the star experience magical adventures that make Laura’s most imaginative dreams come true and with the help of the little star she finally feels at home at the end.

Laure Stern is a story of friendship, care and trust. In an exciting, funny and touching way the movie manages to bring these important topics to the very young viewers and at the same time entertains the whole family.

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