International Title: Hui Buh and the Witch Castle

Movie Info: Live Action and 3D Animation

Producers: Rat Pack Filmproduktion and Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany

Director: Sebastian Niemann

Cast: Michael Bully Herbig, Christoph Maria Herbst, Rick Kavanian, Charlotte Schwab, Waldemar Kobus, Mina Tander, Carmen-Maja Antoni, Soma Pysall, Nelly Hoffmann and many more.

Target Group for Licensing: Families, HUI BUH-fans, core target audience kids from 8 year

Territory: GAS

Licensing Categories: Textiles & Accessories, Personal Care, Home & Living, Food, Toys & Games, Stationary, Multimedia

Release: Movie Release planned for September 2021.

Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures

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“Some people say there are ghosts, some people say there are no ghosts, but I say HUI BUH is a ghost!” These are the words with which every “Hui Buh” audio play has begun since the early 1970s, and over 22 million records have already been sold, which is also how the family entertainment hit of 2006, “Hui Buh – Das Schlossgespenst” begins.

It is 14 years ago that the successful live action movie adaptation of the beloved children’s hero Hui Buh – Das Schlossgespenst inspired more than two million moviegoers and has since become a Steadi-Seller in the Home Entertainment sector as well as a quota guarantee on TV and streaming platforms.

Movie Synopsis:

Hui Buh (Michael Bully Herbig) is still the only officially approved ghost of the Castle Burgeck, and is not only a pain in the neck for King Julius (Christoph Maria Herbst).

Hui Buh suffers greatly from being a joke as a ghost. And Julius is also going through a hard time since his beloved Konstanzia (Ellenie Salvo Gonzalez) left him.

When suddenly the little witch Ophelia appears at the door and asks Hui Buh for help, the chaos is perfect: Not only does Ophelia claim to be Hui Buh’s niece, she also has to protect the most powerful magic book in the world.

This is the opportunity for Hui Buh to finally become creepy! But the evil witch Erla is also after the book

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