Nutella was created in Italy in 1946 and is consumed by 115 million families every year, with 1 Nutella jar sold every 2 second in over 200 countries. Nutella’s non-food licensing programme will  reflect the brand’s key values, such as quality, iconicity, unicity, and togetherness, and contain the main brand’s characteristics, including the jar shape, the jar lid shapes, the transparency and they iconic Nutella colours (brown, white, redand black). Categories available: Home Storage, Party Accessories, SDA, Glassware/Tableware/Kitchen Utensils, Textiles, Apparel, Stationery and BTS (for an audience not younger than 12 years old), Seasonal Gifting, Bags & Small Leather Goods, Luggage, Furniture, Technology/Gadgets, Apps &Digital

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