The Brand Residence is a full-service licensing
and brand agency that works on corporate brands,
lifestyle brands and entertainment brands
on a national and international basis.

With many years of experience and a comprehensive business network, we design,
develop and implement promising licensing strategies.

We support brand owners and licensees with individual strategies at all stages
of the marketing chain.

As the gatekeeper between the licensed product and the consumer,
retailers are the strongest and most important links in the marketing chain.
Therefore, retail and retailers play a very important role in all of our activities.

Our team consists specialists, they all work in a most ambitious and efficient way and best of all,
and they have real fun doing their job – which is the key to utmost success!


TBR The Brand Residence GmbH
Batzenhofer Straße 8
80992 Munich
+49 171 639 03 32



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